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Amytrx is advancing a new class of peptide therapies to empower the body's natural intracellular regulatory mechanisms to control inflammation and metabolic disease.

The Next Generation of Medicines

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The Next Generation of Medicines

Excessive or uncontrolled inflammation is often the underlier of many chronic diseases. Drawing on 25 years of research, Amytrx is harnessing the power of novel anti-inflammatory peptide discoveries to advance new medicines aimed at the prevention and treatment of inflammatory diseases. Our lead therapeutic peptide AMTX-100 is bioengineered from human protein sequences that modulate the immune system by a natural process, reducing pathogenesis in a range of conditions.  


Clinical Trials Are Underway

AMTX-100 represents a new therapeutic frontier with the potential to overcome a range of chronic diseases caused by inflammation, beginning with dermatologic conditions.

Building Alliances

We believe transformative medicines start with great collaborations.


Through a partnership with Vanderbilt University, Amytrx holds exclusive rights to an extensive portfolio of patents in the US and EU. Our business strategy involves exploring collaborative opportunities with pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners, as well as clinical and research organizations, to advance new or complementary therapies for chronic diseases where excessive inflammation or metabolic imbalances play key causative roles. 


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